Collect worksheets from multiple workbooks


Sometimes you may need to copy the worksheets of multiple workbooks into one workbook. If there are too many workbooks, it will be time-consuming to do it manually. By this feature, you can do it quickly.



Steps to go:

Step 1Enter ‘Folder where the Excel files locate’. The application will process all Excel files in this folder (Include subfolder).

Step 2: Enter ‘Worksheets to process’ to specify which worksheets should be process. You enter multiple worksheets name separated by ‘;’. You can enter wildcard here (‘*Sheet’ or ‘Sheet*’).

Step 3: Enter ‘Keep formulas in the result’. Normally you can select ‘No’.

Step 4: Click ‘Start’ button.


Follow step 1~4, the program will search the worksheets specified in step 2 across the workbooks, and copy them into one workbook.