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ExcelSuite provides a bunch of useful features for you to process Excel worksheets across workbooks. How to merge spreadsheets? That's it!


1.Add up the same cell across worksheets
Is there a way to add the same cell (ie.A1) from multiple worksheets without manually having to input sum (Sheet1:A1, Sheet2:A1, Sheet3:A1?? Yes it is! With it you can merge multiple worksheets of the same format across multiple workbooks.

Collect worksheets from multiple workbooks
Sometimes you may need to copy the worksheets of multiple workbooks into one workbook. If there are too many workbooks, it will be time-consuming to do it manually. By this feature, you can do it quickly.

Collect rows from multiple workbooks  
With this feature,
you can copy a pre-defined number of rows from multiple workbooks into a single worksheet.

SUM based on categories  
Total up categorical data; Add up all data that have the same category. This operation can be implemented across workbooks.

Merge 2 worksheets by matching values  
With this feature, you can merge 2 worksheets by matching values. The program matches rows automatically based on the key column, and connect the rows from the two worksheets into one row.

Get common rows between two worksheets  
With this feature, you can get common rows between worksheets.

Remove row if common value in another worksheet
It searches duplicated rows by specified key column of two worksheets, and removes rows from worksheet1 if the rows also appear in another worksheet2.

Check worksheets of the same format
With this feature, you can check worksheets based on a template worksheet. These worksheets can exist in single workbook, or across multiple workbooks. What to check: 1) whether the data match the formulas; 2) whether the data type of cells is the same with those in the template worksheet.




What's new for V5: Improved the performance of processing huge spreadsheets (even 65536 rows).



 Batch Word To Image






Convert multiple word files into picture file, keeping page head, page foot and everything. What you see would be what you get. It's safe for your private word files: all jobs are done in your local computer, you don't have to upload the files to internet like other converting tools.



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